About Us

We are not just developing software

We are really creative minds and well known for lateral thinking. Our definition of successful projects: hit timeline, meet budgets, exceed expectation!

VidaWell provides consulting, develops software, markets health-care products and operates secure web platforms and apps. In addition we sell health products, medical devices and provide a wide range of health-care services over our channels.

The german company was founded in 2012 and is located in 69242 Mühlhausen.

Our online solutions vidagesund.de and vidacoach.de can be used in many different ways to improve processes. As well for patients, health insurances, doctors as fitness companies. We´re strong focused on optimizing your TCO, brand awareness and customer retention.

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think odd,
plan solidly

  • plattform achitecture
  • business models
  • marketing szenarios
  • ---
  • consulting
  • knowledge transfer
  • sales training
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develope innovation,
not just software

  • web platforms
  • mobile apps
  • device integration
  • ---
  • process modelling
  • frontend design
  • software development
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it`s all about customer
retention and loyality

  • health applications
  • medical devices
  • medical services
  • ---
  • keyword analyses
  • SEO/SEM optimization
  • link building
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reliable, secure,
and experienced

  • operations management
  • data recovery
  • software optimization
  • ---
  • maintenance planning
  • server monitoring
  • release management
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Our Skills

High qualified and well experienced!

More than 25 years experience in Sales und Marketing
Strong Project Management skills
Multiple Qualifications

- business case modelling
- SEO and SEM experts
- platforms and content management systems (Wordpress, Joomla, ...)
- mobile app development (Android and iOS)
- multiple programming languages (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, ...)
- project und operations management

If you think, this is not enough, we access a huge base of longtime partners to implement all of your projects!

  • Not those who do not fail are successful, but those who do not give up.

    Sarah Gmelin - CEO

  • The one who does not start cannot finish.

    Alex Gmelin - Managing Director