About Us

We are not just Software-producers

We are developers, givers of ideas and operators of health platforms and apps. We are sellers of health products and providers of health-care solutions.
The company VidaWell GmbH was founded in 2012 and is now located in Mühlhausen Germany (69242).
We develope innovative, alternative and secure internet services together with affected patients on vidagesund.de so their daily life can be managed 360° comfortable and secure.
We also sell measuring devices for diabtes, blood preasure, weight and steps.
The online software can be used in many different ways for health insurances, doctors, manufactorers and also fitness companies.
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think odd,
plan solidly

  • real szenarios
  • plattform achitecture
  • business concepts
  • analyses and business cases
  • software concepts
  • projectplan
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We develope projects,
not just innovative software

  • health platforms
  • health apps
  • device integration
  • ---
  • modeling processes
  • frontend design
  • software development
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Maximize customer loyality

  • health applications
  • medical products
  • customer interaction
  • ---
  • wholesale, pharmacy-
  • and doctor supervision
  • goods imports
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reliable and secure,
competent and experienced

  • project management
  • IT-operation
  • bugfixing & optimazation
  • ---
  • project plans
  • server monitoring
  • release- and test planning
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Our Vision

e-health will be core element within health markets 

We are conviced that we can support YOU with our personal committment to fight the most spread issues like diabtes and high blood pressure. 

We develope applications which help to understand body values, recognize dependecies and also motivate to improve one's personal situations.

We believe that the new trend "health self assessment" will help to increase the conciousness of health long-term, improve doctor's therapies and also avoid secondary diseases dramatically. For that reason we decided to develope apps with simple approaches but professional health support, intuitive usage, automated processes and analyses with significance. 

To reach the goal "a more healthy society" we take advantage of trends like "increasing usage of smartphones and apps" and "increasing availabliity of the internet". With these trends it is most important to focus on security and savety of personal data. 

It is highly probable that a new and extended legal framework will be developed to position eHealth as a central element within the health care sector.

Our Goals

Secondary diseases can be avoided by active prevention 

Unsere Zielsetzung ist es mit sicheren, einfachen und mobilen Anwendungen Therapie, Körperwerte und Gesundheit zu verbessern, um damit die Lebensqualität der Betroffenen zu steigern, das Risiko für Folgeerkrankungen zu reduzieren und die Gesundheitsausgaben zu senken.

Durch die langjährige Erfahrung der Mitarbeiter und die sorgsame Auswahl der Partner können wir jederzeit für die Qualität der Leistungen und unsere Zuverlässigkeit garantieren. Aus diesem Grund entwickeln wir unsere Softwareprodukte fast ausschließlich in Deutschland.

Die VidaWell GmbH wird auf Basis von kaufmännischen Grundsätzen geführt. Ehrlichkeit, Integrität und Fairness sind elementare Bestandteile unseres Verhaltens.

Als verantwortungsbewusstes Unternehmen, nehmen wir auch unsere soziale Verantwortung wahr und unterstützen den Deutschen Diabetiker Bund, Landesverband Hessen e.V., seit 2013 als Fördermitglied.

  • The one who does not start cannot finish.

    Alex Gmelin - CEO at VidaWell GmbH

  • Not those who do not fail are successful, but those who do not give up.

    Sarah Bergdolt - CEO at VidaWell GmbH

  • The one who does not spend time on his health will spend time on sickness then.

    Axel Klößner - Sales Director at VidaWell GmbH